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“Artists inspired by Stephen King” : un livre sur les artistes inspirés par Stephen King

Centipede Press va prochainement publier Artists inspired by Stephen King, un livre comportant de nombreuses illustrations d’histoires de Stephen King, de nombreuses couvertures, posters, remarques, des esquisses, des illustrations inédites! ainsi que des interviews.

Ce livre, qui est prévu pour octobre 2009, fera environ 30x35cm. Il y a une forte réduction si vous précommandez le livre d’ici début mai !

Parmi les illustrateurs, se trouve Christian Heinrich, un français ayant illustré la version française de Les yeux du Dragon




Et voila que ce livre est disponible en précommande (avec réduction si commande avant mai)

Texte en anglais : 

Hello everyone. This is Jerad Walters of Centipede Press. I am working on a follow-up volume to our acclaimed Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. This new art book is tentatively called Artists Inspired by Stephen King. The projected publication date for this book is October 2009. We are very excited about this book, and we already have a number of artists on board.

My question to all of you is this: we need feedback. If you can, please take the time to tell us what you’d most want to see in a book of this sort (approximately 11 x 14 inches). Do you want interviews with the artists? Would you like to see the complete color and black & white works of every artist involved with any Stephen King book?

How much background information would you care to read about art directors, the history of limited editions, and stories from the publishers? Would you care to see preliminary sketches of some of the color works that have appeared in the limited editions, or just the finished works? How many art works would you care to see from limited editions and trade editions that have been published internationally?

Do you have any interest in film stills, or interviews with directors of Stephen King movies? What about movie posters? Regarding the edition, what would you feel is a fair print run for a trade edition? A signed edition? What features would you want to see in a deluxe edition?

We already have a load of work done for this, including the complete Stephen King artworks of Don Brautigam (paperback editions of The Stand, Night Shift, others), and the original hardcover art from the first editions of Salem’s Lot, The Shining, Pet Sematary; the limited editions of Christine, The Regulators, and several others, and a lot more.

In addition to advice, we could use help in locating artists (and credit for art) that has thus far eluded us. Please, we want to make this book not only a great book of art, but also an item that is so breathtaking, so complete, and so amazing that anyone who looks at is just going to be floored. Any advice would be welcome.

Please email us at if you need additional information, as well as your suggestions regarding what you would like to see in a signed edition and a deluxe edition. This book is for all King fans, as well as art fans, and we want to make it a very desirable and complete edition. Thank you all for your time!


Jerad Walters
Centipede Press

Citation :
As you all know, in October Centipede Press is going to release an Artwork book with all the artists that were inspired by Stephen King. All the illustrations that appeared before in S/L editions is going to be present, along with several other artwork, such as remarques, covers, posters, preliminary sketches and even previously unpublished images.

I’ve been talking with Jerad for some time already and making some suggestions about authors and contents that could be included in the book. And he’s very interested in hearing your thoughs, so please feel free to post what would you like to see in the book. Jared will visit this thread and see the suggestions and comments made by you.

In the meantime, here’s the image that will be present in the cover, done by the great Michael Whelan.


And three of the illustrations included in the book, including one never seen before, made by Stephen Gervais (which, by the way, was the work that convinced King that Gervais should be the next illustrator of the upcomming S/L edition of Christine.

Citation :
This is the list of the artists already confirmed:

Michael Whelan
Bernie Wrightson
JK Potter
Don Brautigam
Dave McKean
Darrel Anderson
Ned Dameron
Stephen Gervais
Don Maitz
Drew Struzan
Dave Christensen
Roger Stine
Don Punchatz
John Cayea
Rick Harrison
Steven Stroud
Kinuko Y. Craft
Linda Fennimore
Jack Camen
R.J. Krupowicz
Phil Hale
Bob Giusti
Rob Wood
Jill Bauman
Allen Koszowski
Christian Heinrich
Rick Berry
Glenn Chabourne
Alan Clark
Douglas Smith
John Picacio
Bob Eggleton
Les Edwards
David Ho
Steve Stone
Mark Geyer
Mark Ryden
David Palladini

And more will probably join soon 

On notera Christian Heinrich : illustrateur de l’édition française de Les yeux du Dragon !!!

Site de l’éditeur pour davantage d’infos :

L’édition la moins cher : $195 (prix de la réduction) + fdp.
Apres mai, le prix sera de $250 + fdp





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